lunes, 4 de agosto de 2008

Periodontal Medicine

This authoritative text explores the complex tie between the periodontium and systemic disease. Throughout, it discusses the ways in which systemic conditions and their treatment affect dental health. Topics covered include: evaluation; genetics; cardiovascular and respiratory disease; tobacco use; diabetes; pregnancy, puberty, and oral contraception; osteoporosis; the immunocompromised patient; bleeding disorders; comorbid conditions: kidney, liver, gut, brain; and pharmacotherapy.
Key Features:- Focuses on the periodontium, but broadens the discussion to include other oral tissues or associated structures when appropriate- Includes the latest medical and dental research- Explains how systemic conditions affect implant therapy- Covers medicolegal issues related to periodontal treatment- Accompanied by a CD-ROM with the complete text and illustrations of the book, in fully searchable PDF filesAudience: Students and practitioners in dentistry, oral surgery and general practice.


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